About Sales.Careers

Our mission at sales.careers is to be the #1 site for Sales Jobs, Career Advice and Sales Tips for closers! sales.careers is stacked with sales jobs for Australia and New Zealand and soon, we'll open our doors to the world! sales.careers is loaded with content from the world's leading sales experts so tune in to our media section for the latest blogs, podcasts, videos and events.

So, who is Sales.Careers for?

  • Sales Professionals - All industries, position types from entry level to the seasoned-pro - Learn, develop and enhance your skills
  • Job Seekers - Be found or search for your next opportunity
  • Employers - Enhance your brand, employer reputation & attract great sales talent
  • Sales Trainers - Showcase your methodology, guest blog, advertise your training services and win new clients
  • Technology Providers - Demonstrate your latest sales tech tools and write and share content
  • Last but not least, anyone that wants to improve their career prospects and close more deals!

For a long time now, the Profession of Sales and Business Development has for a long time been ignored!  There’s no one-stop resource or online community that exists for Australia & New Zealand and Sales.Careers was really founded out of frustration! Sure, there’s stacks of info out there but it's scattered, out of date and really, your time is better spent closing deals rather than searching the web, maintaining multiple sources for sales articles, career advice and sales jobs. sales.careers, exists to be that resource and to help you perform better in your job even if you're not looking for one. sales.careers can be your coach and your advisor with great content being added daily to engage and assist our subscribers to become better salespeople. Sales is constantly evolving so stay close and we will ensure you will too.

Sales.Careers will always be free for jobseekers to search for sales jobs. Right now, our sales jobs are for Australia and New Zealand only but soon, we will open our doors to the rest of the world. The jobs on our site cover all industries and levels but have been categorised and tagged to make it easier for you to find them. You can be confident that sales.careers will cater for your needs as a jobseeker and you can create a profile that can also alert companies that might be interested in you even if they don't have a job advertised. sales.careers will be packed with resources and tools to help salespeople and jobseekers to perform better so don't delay and create a jobseeker profile today to keep on top of the latest developments in the world of sales.