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Information For Employers

  • Hire Top Performers Only?

    Sales.Careers enables our customers to make smarter hiring decisions. We have partnered with the very best in Talent Assessments and will ver soon have integrated the Sales Professional Assessment Profile for every Jobseeker to complete. Not only does this assist the Jobseeker in becoming more self aware, it also provides valuable timesaving insights to help you make better, more informed hiring decisions from the candidates received. Most of our customers go the next level and engage with our Assessment provider and test their entire teams and then only accept profiles that mirror that of their top performers. This ensures a significantly faster time to hire.

  • Expose your Employer Brand

    Sales.Careers provides a Meet the Company’ page for all subscriber packages. Unlike that of most generic career pages, this is your opportunity to showcase how great a sales careers is with your company, the perks of working for you and what other great benefits your employees get such as work-from-home, sales training, quarterly events, great location, Presidents club etc.