Unlike a traditional jobsite, sales.careers is a community and a source of rich, useful information and content from the worlds leading sales authorities and experts in sales recruiting. This means we are able to tap into the passive jobseeker who's engaged by our content and frequents our site as part of their daily activities. The aren't necessarily looking but maybe tempted by the right opportunity which could be yours!

Working with sales.careers is easy and is a low-cost alternative by comparison to some of the other sites in our space. You simply sign up for an Ads-Pack or posting subscription and create a compelling ad and code it with the skills tags. This then simply can match available jobseekers or allow jobseekers to connect with you via your company profile or your job.

Very soon, Jobseekers will be able to complete a talent assessment which you can you to measure against your own talent meaning you'll be able to make smarter hiring decisions. 

The answer to this question is the very reason we exist. As the founder, I came from a recruitment background and then when I gravitated into a SaaS sales role, the time I needed to look for another job following a mini career break was challenging in many ways. I simply had no faith in generic job-boards. They offered little value asked irrelevant questions and it was tricky managing your applications.  A certain networking site only seemed to have jobs from big brands and that was not what I was looking for. Finding agencies that specialised in sales was time-consuming with many not appearing in Google so we have provided a directory to solve this one. As for tips and advice again, there were snippets here and there but now, you can snip to our resources tab for everything you need and learn from the best on our blog.

Very simply, your perfect customers are visiting our site, day in, day out. Many of these are Sales / Hiring Managers who are looking for talent but are also engaged with the content on your site, which may also be written by you! That's right, as part of your listing / profile on sales.careers, you are also invited to share your content as thought-leaders / industry authorities. The question is, why wouldn't you?

One of the key frustrations for sales people looking for a new job is that they go through this process every blue moon and the landscape changes dramatically. The consultant they dealt with 2 years ago from Abc Sales recruitment is long-gone and for the most part, they're always starting again. Without sales.careers, this would mean... Another Google search, boring. Hours spent trawling Seek (yep, we just said it) a process which never ends. By joining sales.careers, not only can a Jobseeker instantly narrow a search in their area, they are instantly matched to recruiters based on their and your tags. Also, as part of your listing, you're invited to guest blog on sales.careers in order to strengthen your reputation as an agency of choice!

We looked long and hard at a lot of technologies for 'resume screening' and automatic matching and concluded that right now, there's a lot of snake oil and smoke and mirrors out there and quite frankly, none of it gave us the confidence at this point to invest the time for the possibility of it not working. Using tags and self written profiles is much more likely to yield a consistent result as it stands. Ultimately we're dealing with sales people and not nuclear scientists who tend more acronyms than spots on a Dalmatian :-)

Right now, we're just servicing Australia and New Zealand. Whilst we want world domination, its important for us to do our home-turf well! Next-up would probably be Asia and the UK which both have markets that interconnect well. Stay tuned for more info...

Just like our Jobseeker data, we take security. If you look in the address bar, in the top left hand corner, you'll see a closed padlock which means we have an SSL Certificate and in basic terms we are safe. On 8th September 2016, Google made a significant announcement – Starting in 2017, Google will begin labeling any websites that do not have SSL as “Not secure.”

As far as the payment subscription goes, we have partnered with Stripe who are the one of the worlds leading payment gateways. Their technology underpins the worlds largest companies so we felt it was a safe bet. Feel free to jump on Stripe.com for more info.