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Information For Job Seekers

Our primary objective for Jobseekers is to educate and engage with you and provide you with the information to help you be better at your job and in your quest to get to the next level.  Its not easy by any means and finding the right information is like sifting through a needle in a haystack.  We're only successful if you keep coming back to us and refer your friends and colleagues, regardless of whether you’re looking for a job or not.  We also promise that it will be 100% free for Jobseekers to search and apply for jobs.

Job Seeker Profiles

Unlike networking sites, your Sales.Careers profile is designed to be showase only the information employers need to see to initiate the next step. We still want your resume and we’ll provide you with the tools to build a good one however they are becoming less and less relevant. We advise that in addition to telling employers what you bring to the table that you link and social profiles to help expose your personal brand.  You can refer to our resources section for eBooks and our knowledge base for evrything you need.  There's also the blog feature great content from our sponsored and guest writers that you shoud stay close too.

Once you've built a profile, you'll soon be able to access our free resume review service and also assess your own skills by taking our Sales profile analasys test, developed by one of the worlds leading providers of psychomteric technology.


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