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Hiring the Perfect Sales Rep: Why to Consider Internal Recruitment from Within the Company

Sometimes it is more worthwhile to grab a garden hoe from your shed and dig up holes in your own dirt, plant seeds, cover the dirt, and await for the vegetation to grow rather than constantly shop for new produce. Now, take this image and relate it to corporations who are looking to employ new sales reps. The hiring process can be lengthy: employers spend time posting on Kijiji and going through interview after interview. Even once the right candidate has been chosen, there is the matter of lengthy training sessions and ensuring the newly hired rep is comfortable and familiarised with the company’s values. Sometimes there is a much easier and efficient way, such as when the perfect candidate is already there typing away at a computer in the corner of your office.

Beginning your sales representative search

If you feel the need to toss away the investment of filling the position externally, and instead opt to examine the traits, behaviours and work habits of your current employers, you’ll first need to clarify what exactly you want from this desired future sales representative. It is important to develop a list of traits and abilities that you’d expect to see in a sales rep, so that once this has been created you can set apart the worthy candidates from the ones not suited for a business sales position.

Another brilliant alternative to hiring from within the company is to work with universities to hone individuals in your company in the long-term, giving you dedicated and stronger internal candidates in the future. 

Be sure to discuss all matters with your staff members, including your current sales rep if applicable. Your discussions should cover what type of person makes a great sales rep and how someone within your office or a recent university graduate can help grow your company. Draw a detailed plan and discuss ideas on how to train the possible candidate on becoming a solidified and successful sales rep.

The benefits of hiring homegrown sales representatives

When reps are hunted, you will no doubt be looking for those with plenty of expertise. These reps can afford to take a job for some time and then jet off to a new and better position. This entire process steals your time, money and perhaps at moments the overall efficiency of your company. If you are looking for a long-term hire, consider training one of your own employees who already showcase a potential in sales.

The entire process of hiring within (or seeking a student fresh off the stage) is guaranteed to find you long term success. In growing companies particularly, employees love to feel valued and acknowledged that they are contributing to the success of the business. They understand the inner workings of the company and since they’ve been there for quite some time, they want to help it grow. Therefore, hiring and training an existing employee is far better because the allegiance has already been planted, and this assists in eliminating any unnecessary stress that outside sales reps may cause.

Hunting for new sales reps can be exhausting. However, finding someone you already know, or training a recent graduate, can save you time and energy… along with the added bonus of it being a positive staff-building experience!

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