Blog Image - Sales.Careers is now integrated with JobAdder!

We're very pleased to announce to recruiters that Sales.Careers has fully integrated JobAdder into our website. This will allow you to automate many of the tasks that you've previously done manually, notably posting jobs on our boards, and being able to track them automatically directly through the powerful applicant tracking system (ATS).

What is JobAdder?

JobAdder is a great platform designed exclusively for recruiters like you. They include some great tools to help you run your recruitment agency with less hassle and micromanagement. Here are some of these useful tools:

  • Manage Job Orders, match candidates to jobs, track candidate progress, fees and forecasting & more.
  • Post job ads directly to over 200 job boards, including Sales.Careers.
  • Add, source, manage, rate, submit & place candidates.
  • Control a fully functional ATS that links with Sales.Careers and other job boards.

You can request a demo for JobAdder here.

How do I use JobAdder and Sales.Careers together?

The setup is quite straightforward. If you want some help to connect your existing JobAdder account with your Sales.Careers account, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly team will guide you through the whole process fairly quickly.

If you want to setup a new Sales.Careers account, our team can also help you get going from the start! Please phone or email us and we can get your account created and ready to use. Alternatively, you can sign up now to Sales.Careers by following the following link.

Author Details

Graham Winder is the Co-Founder of Sales.Careers, Graham has a wealth of experience in Sales across a wide variety of industries but mostly working with SaaS companies and the Salesforce ecosystem. Graham also spent many years as a Recruiter and also selling software into the recruitment space which is what lead him to create Sales.Careers. To put it simply, there were no decent online resources for salespeople to turn to so was born. You can contact Graham on LinkedIn.