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Our Mission

Our Mission at Sales.Careers is to improve the standard of our industry through the delivery of free content to sales people from handpicked Sales Authorities and Trainers. Sales.Careers will be the one and only page sales people will need to bookmark and subscribe to save time sourcing learning material from all over the web. In addition, we have combined all of the best training providers so you as Sales Leaders or can chose the right training provider for your business.

Sales Trainers

Sales Training is probably the 2nd most important thing a company can do after making the sales itself. When Sales people joining your company, they will come from a variety of backgrounds and received training from various sources both professional and internal. From our experience and with the best will in the world, a lot of companies will make a knee-jerk reaction to bring in a trainer to train the team and hope that it will yield instant results. The reality is, is that most new learnings get dropped within weeks of the trainer leaving and and the old habits creep back in again.

Cadence is everything with training but you must first ensure you have the best trainer for your business. If you sell industrial consumables to the manufacturing industry, an expert of training SaaS Sales Teams may not be the best option as you really need to be engaging a trainer that can relate to the business challenges your customers face. There’s a big difference between selling via the telephone, to selling construction products to architects and specifiers and selling SaaS to Enterprise customers in the finance space.

At sales.careers we decided to build a directory of sales trainers so that you could review and engage the trainers for your business.

Other Services

In addition to training, this section is also for other providers of services and products. This may include Professional Coaching Services, CV Writing Services and Personal Branding experts. If you would like your product or service added, please contact us.

  • Sales Training Providers
  • Career Coaches
  • Resume Writing Services
  • Personal Brand Consultants
  • HR Consultants
  • Outsourced Sales Services
  • Advertising / Employer Brand Consultants

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